Oasis Coils & Coatings Launches SPC Aqua Pool Heat Pumps

Dubai, UAE, March 28th, 2022 : Oasis Coils and Coatings L.L.C. (OCC), the leading HVAC coil manufacturing and coating company in the GCC region announced the launch of ‘SPC Aqua’ — a new brand specializing in pool heat pumps. The addition of SPC Aqua enhances the company’s wide portfolio of heat transfer products while allowing consumers to experience a unique, technologically advanced and easier way to enjoy perfect pool temperatures. SPC Aqua’s most popular product, the SPC Aqua Heat Cool pump, extracts heat from a low-temperature source and delivers it to a high-temperature sink through a vapour compression cycle.

The brand’s wealth of knowledge and unique design (a reversing electronic valve) ensures that the air to water heat pump modulates the flow of the refrigerant based on the season so that consumers can enjoy near perfect, and comfortable water temperature irrespective of the weather.

Mathew Gudinho, General Manager – Manufacturing, OCC Global said, “With the addition of SPC Aqua’s heat cool pumps, we are delighted to bring a more extensive range of high quality, technologically advanced heating solutions to the GCC region. SPC Aqua’s expertise and customer-centric approach such as a 48-hour turnaround time, will allow it to provide premium services to consumers in the region.”

Commenting on the launch, Roshan Roy, Global Sales Manager, OCC Global said, “The SPC Aqua heat pump is specifically designed to provide energy-efficient performance by making the best use of the extreme weather conditions characteristic of the Middle East. The pump employs a unique design and utilises the R410A refrigerant reputed for its zero-ozone depletion potential (ODP) to provide the safest, most reliable, and sustainable performance.”

Kamlesh Parmar, Sales Manager, SPC Aqua said, “The SPC Aqua Heat Cool pump is meticulously manufactured with the highest-quality components and meets the most stringent quality and performance industry standards. We are thrilled to be able to provide the Middle East with a newer way to experience water heating and cooling and allowing consumers to make the most of the region’s harsh climatic conditions.”

About Oasis Coils & Coatings:
Oasis Coils and Coatings (OCC) is a technology-driven manufacturer of heat transfer products, including AHRI certified cooling coils, SPC heat pipes and SPC energy recovery ventilators. The company manufactures its products in Dubai, from its 60,000 sq. ft., fully integrated, state-of-the art manufacturing and coating facility. OCC also represents IAQ products including Sanuvox Technologies, a global Canadian UV brand, and is the leading distributor of Ostberg Heat Recovery wheels. Using high-quality raw materials, computer-controlled machinery, and the input of a highly skilled workforce, Oasis Coils and Coatings guarantees customers superior quality heat transfer components. For more information, please visit https://occglobal.com/home

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