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A reputed name in the manufacturing of products for swimming pools and domestic water tanks, SPC Aqua originated from Al Shirawi Group’s acquisition of the globally renowned UK-based brand SPC in 2016 — recognised for its range of heating and cooling solutions spanning three decades.

Operating as a new brand under the umbrella of the Group’s Leminar Air Conditioning Company, SPC Aqua has since its inception, established itself as one of the most innovative and reliable water heating and cooling experts in the Middle East, boasting a line of robust and aesthetically engineered heating and cooling equipment utilised in over 5,000 projects across the UAE.

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Super silently technology

Sleep soundly with the ultra-quiet GreenAir. Advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind resistance so you can enjoy peace and silence at night.

Efficient Design. Unparallaled Comfort.

Meticulously designed for both heating and cooling applications, SPC Aqua’s energy-efficient pump is the most trusted and cost-effective solution to enjoy optimum pool and chiller temperatures, worry-free!

SMART Control System

Equipped with SMART/digital controls, SPC Aqua’s heat pumps allow easy modulation of pool temperatures based on the season, providing consumers with an easy way to monitor, pre-heat or cool their swimming pool water temperature from their mobile phones. Whether one is on their way home, running late, or even in another country, the SPC Aqua pool pump offers efficient remote access through Wi-Fi control and a unique mobile application, allowing consumers to experience the perfect pool temperatures upon their arrival.

Note** SPC Aqua’s mobile application ‘Boost CORE’ is available on both iOS and Android.
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